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Fred Arheit established Toledo Fence and Post Company on March 11, 1926. His first location was at 2907 Summit St., outside of downtown Toledo. He later moved the company to the corner of Detroit and Monroe Streets, next to Swayne Field, where the​Toledo Mud Hens played.

Looking for ways to make extra money during The Great Depression, he sold roofing, fertilizer, and Christmas trees, delivered coal, and parked cars in his lot for Mud Hens’ games. He only charged 50 cents!

Described as a tireless and dedicated worker, he spent five days a week and every Saturday at Toledo Fence. He went to church Sunday mornings and ran sales calls Sunday afternoon. There was no substitute for hard work, in his view.

Toledo Fence Today

Fred Arheit would probably not recognize his fence company today. Located near the University of Toledo's Scott Park Campus, at the corner of Hill and Westwood, Toledo Fence & Supply Company bears little resemblance to the company he started over 80 years ago.

A brightly lit showroom displays a variety of fence products and materials. An easy-to-maneuver 3.5-acre yard allows customers to pick up their materials at any time during business hours. A complete wood and steel fabrication shop can customize any wood panels, wood gates, steel post on plates, steel cantilever gates, aluminum slide gates, and much more.

Toledo Fence & Supply Company has an array of equipment for large commercial and industrial projects, including the following:

  • Large Bed Trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Sterling Guard Rail Trucks
  • Dandy Diggers
  • Cranes
  • Lifts

Toledo Fence & Supply Company is available year-round to meet your fencing needs.

Toledo Fence Work Safe Environment

Toledo Fence & Supply Company is committed to the safety of its workers. We have a zero-tolerance drug policy that includes monthly random drug and alcohol tests.

Our Number-One goal is to prevent injuries before they happen. Weekly tool box talks, annual OSHA safety seminars, pre-job orientations, and on-site safety meetings are just a few of the measures Toledo Fence & Supply Company takes to keep their workers safe.

On any job, it is essential that each employee is able to work safely and remain injury-free from start to finish.

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